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Urgent and Unscheduled Care including Out of Hours

Key resources relating to implementation of UUC/OOHs training in Wessex.

COGPED OOH Position Paper.  The updated guidance on UUC/OOHs training from August 2019.  Sets out key principles for training across the four nations. 

UUC FAQ (Wessex).  Sets out the key changes in the new COGPED guidance, why these have occurred and how they are implemented in HEE Wessex.

Mapping of Out of Hours Competencies to the GP Curriculum and WPBA. Describes the 6 key competencies for Out of Hours care and how these map onto the 13 WPBA competencies.

Examples of UUC Activities and Evidence.  Provides examples of different activities (including during hospital posts) that could provide evidence towards the 6 key competencies.

UUC and OOHs Observational Session Suggestions.  Suggestions of suitable UUC/OOHs observational sessions for ST1 and ST2 Trainees in GP Posts

Recording UUC/OOH sessions done outside of your training practice.  In ST1 and ST2 you should use the UUC observational session record form to record your attendance and how this experience helped to develop your UUC/OOHs capability.  This should be scanned onto your ePortfolio and attached to an 'Out of Hours Session' learning log entry that expands on your learning and how this relates to UUC competencies in more detail.  These sessions will mainly provide learning and evidence towards OOHs key competency 2:  'Understanding the organisational aspects of NHS out of hours care, nationally and at local level.'

In ST3 you must use the UUC session record  form to confirm the hours you worked (for purposes of ‘time off in lieu’), the work undertaken (types of consultation, setting and level of supervision) and get this countersigned by your clinical supervisor for the session.  This can also form a brief record of your learning from the session and any key competencies demonstrated that should be described in more detail in an ‘Out of Hours Session’ learning log entry (the UUC session record must be scanned and attached to this log entry so it is visible to your Educational Supervisor and the ARCP panel).

Required for ARCP Panel Review

The ARCP panel requires the Trainee to complete the UUC Evidence for ARCP document prior to their final ARCP; failure to do so may result in a delay in obtaining the CCT or a Satisfactory ARCP. It is recommended that this document is also updated at each ESR during GP posts so that GP trainees and their Educational Supervisors can clearly see what progress has been made and what competencies in UUC remain to be developed or demonstrated.

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