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Key resources for GP trainees in Wessex.

COGPED Out of Hours guidance (National) 2010 (Word) 

Out of Hours GP Trainee Information 2014 (Word)  - Trainee information form to be completed before an out of hours session.

Wessex Out of Hours Guidelines August 2016 (Word) - General Out of Hours guidelines for all GP Out of Hours Training

ST1 and ST2 Out of Hours Guidelines from August 2016 (Word) - Out of Hours guidelines for Trainers, Clinical Supervisors and GP Trainees in their ST1 and ST2 posts.

ST3 Out of Hours Guidelines (Word) - Out of Hours  guidelines for Trainers, Clinical Supervisors and GP Trainees in their ST3 GPStR posts.

Out of Hours Ideas and Contacts 2016 (word)  List of suitable Out of Hours experience for ST1 and ST2 Trainees.

RCGP Urgent and Emergency Care Clinical Audit Toolkit (pdf) - The aim of the RCGP toolkit is to provide an audit tool which comprises a framework for applying relevant, pre–defined audit criteria across all urgent care environments

Key Curriculum Statements 2015 (pdf) - Document to help identify the Curriculum statements appropriate to OOH care entries.

Mapping for OOH competencies (pdf)


Learning Logs

All OOHs session must be written up as reflective Learning Log entries. A scanned image of the OOH record sheet, showing your name and signed by the session supervisor, must be attached to the Learning Log entry please see forms below for ST1/2 sessions and ST3 GPStR sessions

ST1/2 Out of Hours Session Form 2015 (Word) - please complete and scan onto your e-portfolio.

ST3 Out of Hours Session Form 2015v2 (Word) - updated form added July 2015. Please complete and scan onto your e-portfolio.


Required for ARCP Panel reviews

The ARCP panel requires the Trainee to complete and scan into the e-portfolio and attach to a "Summary OOH" Learning Log Entry the completed "Summary Log" of OOH worked for each GP Placement, failure to do so may result in a delay in obtaining the CCT or a Satisfactory ARCP.

Session Log Summary for ST1 and ST2 Sessions 2014 (Word) - At the end of your GP post and prior to the ST1 or ST2 ARCP you are required to complete this log and scan it as a Learning Log Entry summarising your OOH training for this post.

Session Log Summary for ST3 Sessions (2016) (Word) - At the end of your GP ST3 post and prior to your final ARCP you are required to complete this log and scan it as a Learning Log Entry summarising your OOH training for this post.  If there are planed booked sessions still be to undertaken these should also be added.

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