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Forms required for GP Trainees

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Documents for trainees starting General Practice training


Trainees who have been appointed to a GP Specialty Training Programme in Wessex will be send a Conditional Offer Letter. This includes a number of forms that have to be completed before starting your training. All starters must complete the following forms.  The forms will be emailed to trainees before training starts.

1. Enhanced Form R. All trainees must complete Part A and Part B at the start of their training programme. It must then be returned to the School of General Practice. 

2. Conditions of Joining a Specialty Training Programme. Trainees must read and sign the Conditions document at the start of their training programme. It must then be returned to the School of General Practice.  

3. Educational Agreement between Health Education England Wessex and GP StR. Trainees must read and sign the Educational Agreement at the start of their training programme. It must then be returned to the School of General Practice.

4. Confidential Transfer of Information Form. Trainees must complete and sign this document before they start their training. It must then be signed by their current Educational Supervisor or Supervising Consultant.


Six weeks before you go into a GP Practice placement either at ST1, ST2 or ST3: 

5. Educational Agreement between Trainer and GP StR 2016 (Word) - This document must be completed with the training practice at the start of a placement. It must be retained by the Practice.

6. Wessex TG Form - The Wessex Trainer's Grant form is required to arrange for the payment of the trainer's grant and confirm details of the placement in a GP training practice. Trainees that are due to go into a GP practice for the first time must arrange to meet with their Practice Manager to complete the Wessex TG form. This must be returned 6 weeks before the placement starts. Only the electronic form will only be accepted – the paper form is no longer accepted. No chasing emails will be sent during this period. Please send to

Forms must be submitted by 20th of the month before payment is due to start. For placements starting in August or February, the deadline is 10th of the previous month.

The Wessex TG form also forms forms part of the application process for the National Medical Performers List and it is essential that it is submitted before the start of the trainee's first placement in a GP training practice.


Joining the GP National Medical Performers List:

All GP Trainees must apply to join the Medical Performers List before they start their first placement in a practice. This is a professional requirement and trainees who have not submitted their application will not be permitted to start work in the practice and are at risk of not being paid during this time.  A note regarding professionalism will be added to the Educators’ Notes on the e-portfolio to be available for the ARCP panel.

The Wessex TG form is part of the application process for the Medical Performers' List. HEE Wessex will provide their NHS England local office a list of trainees starting their first placement in a GP practice. NHS England will confirm their inclusion on the Medical Performers List to Primary Care Support England (PCSE) who will then add these trainees to the Performers List, and will notify each trainee by email once this has happened. Trainees will continue to have the three month period of grace from the start of their placement for their application for the Performers List to be approved.

Where a trainee has previously been subject to or is currently undergoing any fitness to practise proceedings or investigation, NHS England will usually require the trainee to complete a NPL1 application form and additional documentation. This will be reviewed by the NHS England local office and be considered by a clinical panel. NHS England will then confirm the trainee's inclusion on the Medical Performers List to PCSE who will notify the trainee as described above.

NPL Regulations 2013 (pdf) - Copy of MPL Regulations


Information for Practice Managers - UPDATE for PLE

GP trainee contract and PAY forms for trainees working in a GP practice placement

1. Trainees commencing a new placement in a practice on or after 1 August 2017 will be on the new junior doctors contract. Information about the new contract is from NHS Employers Information for employing GP practices.

2. PAY1 form - (only to be used for trainees employed by the Practice and not PLE).  Pay authorisation form for General Practice Registrar Payment for each ST 1/2 GPR and ST 3/GPStR post. To arrange for the payment of the trainee's salary and the Trainer's grant to the Practice. This needs to be completed together with the trainee and signed by the trainer.  Please contact for the form.

3. PAY2 Form no longer exists and has been replaced with the amendments page within the TG Form.  Please only complete the amendment page if you are changing your LTFT percentage, going on parental leave, or if you have received an ARCP extension.

4. Wessex TG Form (see 6. above). Authorisation form for payment of a trainer's grant only e.g. for doctors with external funding accepted for a period of general practice training (e.g. hospital specialist, doctor not eligible for funding).

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