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A woman filling out a formMembership of the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP) and the E-Portfolio

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General Information

RCGP Website - The essential RCGP website for all Trainees, every thing you wanted to know about MRCGP.

RCGP Regulations 2016 (pdf) - for Doctors Training for a CCT in General Practice.

Recent updates to the RCGP Curriculum - The GP Curriculum is reviewed each year to keep it current in response to user feedback.

Time Line for Full Time ST3 GP Trainees (Word) in the Final 6 months of Training.

Quality Improvement Activity (Word) - Summary document of changes.

Basic requirements for Full Time Trainees 2010 (Word) - About the basic requirements of the e-portfolio and WPBA for Full Time Trainees


Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) and Applied Knowledge Test (AKT)

Dates for the AKT and CSA Exams can be found on the RCGP Website (link above)

RCGP Advice to Specialist Trainees (Word) - Advice to Specialist trainees in General Practice attempting Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) and Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA).

CSA Revision Guide 2015 (pdf) - A guide to preparing and revising for the Clinical Skills Examination

Why do candidates fail the CSA? (Word) -  A comparison of 'failure' in the domains. 

Preparing to take the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) - A Concise Guide for Trainees



E-Portfolio log in page can be found on the RCGP main website with log in helpdesk information.

Reflective Writing guide 2010 (Word) - A guide to explore what reflective writing is and examine ways in which you can become a successful reflective writer.

Writing Learning Log Entries and Naturally Occurring Evidence (NOE) in the e-Portfolio 2011 (Word) - During your time as a GP Trainee it is your responsibility to provide evidence of your learning and professional development towards your ultimate goal of independent practice as a GP. Writing Learning Log entries within your e-Portfolio largely provides this ‘Naturally Occurring Evidence’. Maintaining your log is as important as completing your formal assessments. Further guidance can be found on the RCGP Website.

Guidance for entering information onto e-Portfiolio can be found here (pdf)


Useful tools

Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire Process (Word) - Advice to GP trainers on PSQ process in Wessex.

Patient Consent form 2016 (Word) - for Video/Digital recording for training purposes

New CEPS Training Manual (2015) (pdf) - New CEPS Training Manual - December 2015. The GMC has approved CEPs as a replacement for directly observed procedures (DOPS) in the workplace. Any DOPs already completed will count towards competency in CEPS.  An e-Portfolio update is due to take place by the end of March 2016 that will render the current DOPS page in the e-Portfolio read only, and prevent further DOPs being completed. Full details of the evidence trainees can use to demonstrate competence in CEPs is provided in the WPBA section of the RCGP website


Quality Improvement (QI) Resource for General Practitioners (GPs)

This guidance (pdf) outlines how trainees might approach a QIP, how to structure your project to make the most effective use of time and avoid common pitfalls, and how to learn from a continuous process of reflection and formative feedback.


Clinical Supervisors Report (CSR)

The Clinical Supervisors Report (CSR) is a short, structured report from your clinical supervisor in each hospital post. Recorded in your Trainee e-Portfolio, CSRs form part of the Workplace Based Assessment (WPBA) component of our MRCGP membership exam.


Educational Supervisor/ESR information

Short Guide for Educational supervisors of Full Time Trainees 2010 (Word) - About the basic requirements of the e-portfolio and WPBA for Full Time Trainees.

Short Guide for Educational Supervisors of Less Than Full Time Trainees 2010 (Word) - About the basic requirements of the e-portfolio and WPBA for Less than Full Time Trainees.

Workplace Based Assessment - (WPBA) builds up a qualitative picture of your performance in training. The evidence you collect in your Trainee e-Portfolio is reviewed at six-monthly intervals by the educational supervisor.

Interim Educational Supervisors Report 2010 (Word) - Help with writing the mid year ESR; especially for trainees in ST1 who will be having their first ES review.

ESR for GP Trainees in Hospital Posts 2011 (pdf) - Guide for Educational Supervisors in preparing e-portfolio reviews of Hospital based ST1 & 2 Trainees

Advice for GP Educational Supervisors (Word) - HEE, Wessex advice for GP Educational Supervisors

Communication between doctors and patients



Spend a Penny Booklet (pdf) - Guidance about communication between doctors and patients.  

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