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Paramedic Roles

Paramedics are autonomous health care providers who are regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the College of Paramedics (CoP) is their professional body. 

Paramedics work at various levels of clinical practice (from newly qualified to consultant level), so when employing a paramedic in primary care, employers need to be clear about the scope of practice of the paramedic will be expected to work within to ensure applicants possess the correct skills and knowledge to undertake the role.

Further Information about the various levels of paramedic can be found in the Guide for General Practice Employing a Paramedic produced by Fareham and Gosport and South Eastern Hampshire CCGs. The College of Paramedics have also produced an Employers Guide for Paramedics in Primary and Urgent Care and developed a interactive Digital Career Framework which provides some very useful information to demonstrate the range of roles within the paramedic profession.

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