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Out of Hours

  • Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Andover, New Forest – Solent Healthcare (contact Julie Langhorn – 02380 716526)
  • Basingstoke and North Hants – Hantsdoc
  • Dorset – This is organised centrally through the Dorset Emergency Care Service (DECS). Ellenor Peaty or her team, on 01202 851332 or should be your first point of contact.



  • The updated retained doctor scheme was launched in 2016. To find out more please see the Retained Doctor Scheme page of the website.


Induction and Refresher Scheme

  • The Induction and Refresher Scheme is for GPs who have been out of practice in the UK for over two years. Please see the Induction and Refresher Scheme pages to find out more.



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