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General Practice Training


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In Wessex there is not only the opportunity to enter excellent and supportive GP programmes with high success rates, but the opportunity to go beyond just the ordinary of every day GP training.

Wessex, while a smaller region, is at the forefront of current UK GP Training, receiving high satisfaction scores from its trainees and success rates at the qualifying exam, the MRCGP. We accept around 140 trainees each year into our four local area programmes which provide friendly local support and teaching programmes.

Wessex also provides opportunities to take breaks from training to experience GP in other countries, with strong links to New Zealand and opportunities to participate in the "improving Global Health through Leadership Development programme" with overseas placements in Cambodia, South Africa and Zambia. Wessex also continues to offer innovative post-qualification fellowships with opportunity to develop leadership, educational skills and lead on service improvement projects within the wider health community.

The Wessex School of General Practice is proud of its long tradition of involvement in training having created the first ever two-year GP training scheme in 1959 in Winchester under the leadership of Dr George Swift. We are pleased to continue this tradition of innovation and leadership in GP training across Wessex to this day.

Dr Richard Weaver
Director of Primary Care Education, GP Education and Head of School


What makes Wessex different

Wessex is a great training environment and fantastic place to work and live. It is a fairly small region so trainees' have tremendous opportunities to tailor their training to their own needs and have hands-on and broad experience, all conducted in a friendly and supportive setting. Lots of great amenities are on the doorstep, both cultural and recreational, and all close to stunning countryside and coastal scenery but at the same time still handy for London. Having studied in London I have no regrets about moving to Wessex as my colleagues here have all been very supportive and I have made lasting friendships. It's a great place to put down roots and I'm looking forward to working as a GP in Wessex.

Dr Bryony Sales- Previous Wessex Trainee                                                                                                                             GP/Foundation Programme Director


For a little more guidance

Check out the Associates in Training Handbook (pdf) - A Wessex AiT Guide to completing your GP Training …. "All the things we wished we had known from the start of our training...."  This guide has been written by  GP trainees from the Wessex AiT Sub-committee in conjunction with the School of General Practice, Health Education England, Wessex.

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