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When is my ARCP ?

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For most trainees, the ARCP reviews will take place in June and July each year. If you are an ST1 or ST2 , your review will usually be held on the first week of July, a month before you are due to progress to the next training year. This one month gives the ARCP panel enough time to invite trainees for a meeting at a follow up panel to discuss their progression when they appear to be making unsatisfactory progress. It is also an opportunity for the panel to explain their decision and offer guidance and support for the trainee before they begin the next phase of their training.

If you are an ST3 your review will take place in the first week of June, two months before your are due to finish training. Again, if unsatisfactory you will be invited to attend a follow up panel.  


  • An ARCP panel must take place every 12 calendar months, irrespective of the current point of training.
  • An ARCP panel must review the the ePortfolio before a trainee is due to progress to the next training year.
  • An ESR must be present covering the appropriate review period. The ARCP and two six monthly ESRs should be covering the exact same training dates.
  • An ARCP certificate should only cover 12 months of calendar training regardless of whether a trainee is working LTFT .
  • The trainee must submit a fully completed Enhanced Form R   before the panel. Without one present, an unsatisfactory outcome will be issued due to missing evidence.
  • If your last ARCP outcome was unsatisfactory, you will require an interim ARCP  six months afterwards for a panel to check on your progression.


Out of Sync Trainees

If you are working less than full time, have gone on maternity leave or have been out of programme, then you may well be out of sync from the rest of your peers. This means that you will need to have your ARCP panel reviews at different times of the year and, in some cases, may need more than one within a 12 month period. This is because there are very specific rules for when an ARCP review can take place and the ammount of training time it can cover. Please contact us if you are not sure when your next review will be.

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