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Annual Review of Competence Progression (GP)

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Here you will find all the information you need to know about the panel review process and who to contact within Health Education England in Wessex.Man and woman going through some paperworkWhen is my ARCP?


All GP Trainees must have an ARCP panel review every 12 months during their training. The training programme is planned to last three years with three ARCP reviews. The majority of GP trainees will have their reviews during June and July of each year. However, for trainees who work less than full time (LTFT), or have extended periods of time out of training, they will need to have their reviews at different points throughout the year. For more information about the GP training programme structure please see the guide on completion of GP training.


Educational Supervisor Reports

An Educational Supervisor Report (ESR) is required every six calendar months, even if a trainee is working less than full time.

A typical full time trainee will be required to complete an ESR at the following points in their training. The ESR is required to be submitted within eight weeks prior to the end of review period. This is so that an ARCP panel has enough time to review progression before a trainee is due to progress to the next phase of their training.   



Revalidation is a process which all doctors must undergo within the timescales set out by the GMC, it is solely concerned with your Fitness to Practise in relation to your License to Practice. This process runs alongside your ARCP which means you are required to submit the following to the ARCP panel:

  • Enhanced Form R – it is a mandatory requirement for all trainees holding an NTN in General Practice to complete a Form R before each ARCP panel. Form R parts A and B will be set up on Intrepid for the trainee to complete before each ARCP.
  • Reflection on Additional Work Outside of Training (Word) – this applies to any work for which you may use your medical skills, e.g. locums in another Trust.


Any trainees involved in a complaint or significant event, whether resolved or on-going should include a reflective practice on the event within their E-portfolio.

For further information on Revalidation please see the FAQs.

Form R

Form R needs to be completed and submitted 2 weeks prior to your panel date. You will be sent instructions for completing your Form R on Intrepid with the ARCP information six weeks before the panel date.


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