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Meet the Team

 Photo of Susi Caesar

Appraisal Service Lead
Dr Susi Caesar
Phone: 01962 718484

 Photo of Stephanie Hughes  

Appraisal Service Deputy Lead
Dr Stephanie Hughes
Phone: 01962 718484

 Photo of Gill Watson  

Programme Manager
Gill Watson
Phone: 01962 718574

 Photo of Harriet Dunphy  

PA Functions and Support
Harriet Dunphy
Phone: 01962 718530


Appraisal Administrators


 Photo of Sarah Lang


Sarah Lang
Jersey, Guernsey, Gibraltar and RO's.
Also Training Administrator       
Phone: 01962 718575

 Photo of David Shill  

David Shill
New Forest, Bournemouth and Poole, Eastleigh, Test Valley and Dorset.
Phone: 01962 718571

 Photo of Chris David  

Chris Davis
East Hampshire, Mid Hampshire, Fareham and Gosport, Portsmouth
Phone: 01962 718572

 Photo of Kim Robinson  

Kim Robinson
Blackwater Valley, North Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Southampton
Phone: 01962 718482


Appraisal Leads


A picture of Sue Bowen

Dr Sue Bowen
Mid Hampshire and Portsmouth

A picture of Steve Scott


Dr Steve Scott

Photo of Ed Sheridan

Dr Ed Sheridan
Bournemouth and Poole

Photo of Karen Bentley

Dr Karen Bentley
Isle of Wight and Southampton

Photo of Karen Gregory

Dr Karen Gregory
Eastleigh and Test Valley and New Forest

 A picture of Shehla Jamil Dr Shehla Jamil
North Hampshire and Blackwater Valley

A picture of Will Liddell


Dr Will Liddell
East Hampshire and Fareham & Gosport



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