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Foundation Programme Trainee Representatives


Trainee representation is a key element in the development and monitoring of the Foundation Programme, and representatives play a valuable role in providing feedback and helping shape new initiatives.   

A doctor and a patient,Taking a blood pressure reading.At the beginning of each new F1 training year the Wessex Foundation School will appoint an F1 representative at each of the 10 Trusts delivering foundation training, giving a total of 10 “Trust Foundation Trainee Representatives”. 

Of the selected group of representatives each year, one F1 will be selected to become the “Foundation School Trainee Representative”, and one F1 will be selected for the role of “Deputy Foundation School Trainee Representative”.

In order to build continuity, trainees will hold the role of Trust representative and Foundation school representative for the entire two years of their foundation training in Wessex. Trainee representatives may choose to step down from their role at the beginning of their F2 year if they choose. If a trainee does give up their role, the Trust and Foundation School will follow this application process to appoint a new F2 representative for the year. 

For further information, please refer to the Trainee Representative Role Profile (PDF)


Foundation School Trainee Representatives 2017-2018

Lead F1 School Rep -  Dr Jemma Shanley, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - Winchester

Deputy F1 School Rep - Dr Adeoye Debo-Aina, Isle of Wight NHS Trust

Lead F2 School Rep - Dr Beth McCausland, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Deputy F2 School Rep - Dr Alice Hurlstone, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - Winchester

Deputy F2 School Rep - Dr Carianne Lewis, Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


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