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Time Out of Foundation Programme (TOFP)

Download the Time Out of Foundation Programme (TOFP) application form (Word)

Trainees who wish to take time out of the Foundation Programme should first discuss this with their educational supervisor.  Although a trainee is expected to complete their Foundation Programme within two years, time out from the programme can be approved provided there are good reasons for wanting to do this.  

Approval for Time Out must be granted by the trust Foundation Programme Director and also by the Head of Wessex Foundation School. 

  • The duration of time out of a two-year Foundation Programme will usually be 12 months. Time Out during F1 or F2 placements will only be considered in exceptional (usually unplanned) circumstances. 

  • Applications for Time Out should be sent to the Wessex Foundation School, Southern House, Otterbourne, SO21 2RU

  • Applications for Time Out between F1 and F2 must be received by the the January deadline stated on the Foundation School timeline (unless there are particular reasons why this is not possible, for example health reasons).

  • A trainee who takes Time Out is guaranteed an F2 post back within Wessex, but there is no guarantee that the F2 post will be within the original F1 Trust.

  • Foundation trainees must tell Wessex Foundation School 6 months before the start date of their F2 year that they plan to return to the programme. If they do not do this, the trainee may not have an F2 training opportunity within the school on their return.

  • Wessex Foundation School contacts all trainees who are out of programme during their Time Out year 6 months before they are due to return, in order to include them in the matching process for F2 posts.

  • Guidelines for taking Time Out from the Foundation Programme can be found in the Foundation Programme Reference Guide 2012 in Section 7 "Becoming a Foundation Doctor" [7.79 - 7.91], Pg 29-30. Link to Reference Guide on UKFPO website.

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