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Tasters are defined as

 A period of time, usually one to two weeks, spent in a specialty in which the Foundation Programme trainee has not previously worked, which enables the development of insight into the work of a specialty and which promotes careers reflection.

Tasters are available for F1 and F2 trainees although they are predominately undertaken by those in F2 posts.

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Tasters should be encouraged for one to two weeks, preferably one week attachments to maximise experiences overall. Tasters of one to five days are increasingly available during F1. Trainees should plan their tasters well in advance and are expected to undertake tasters locally or within Health Education England – Wessex boundaries. Exceptionally tasters may be approved in locations outside Wessex if the speciality is not represented there. Overseas tasters are not permitted.

Initial contact should be through the Foundation Programme administrators found in local Postgraduate Medical Education Centres.  Advice and approval should be sought from your Educational Supervisor and Foundation Programme Director. Trainees are reminded to follow their local annual and study leave protocols when requesting tasters.

Full guidance on Tasters can be found on the Foundation Programme website

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