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Shadowing in Wessex

August 2020

New F1 trainees due to commence their F1 training in August 2020 are required to attend
a compulsory, one week (paid) period of shadowing.  The shadowing week will take place at the hospital where you will be spending your F1 year.

  • Your allocated Trust will confirm to you directly the date of commencement of the shadowing period and content, and will send you a timetable for the week.

  • Most trusts in Wessex will run their shadowing week from Wednesday 29 July to Tuesday 4 August 2020. However, please note that some trusts may begin their shadowing week a day or so earlier. 

  • Shadowing week does not include the weekend of 1 and 2 August.

  • Ward work will begin on Wednesday 5 August 2020.

It is compulsory for all new F1 trainees to attend Shadowing week in Wessex.

The aims of shadowing are to:
  • To enable you to feel more confident when beginning your Foundation Programme
  • To prepare for the clinical and educational challenges that you will meet as an F1 doctor
  • To orientate yourself in the hospital in which you are going to be working and living
  • To find out how your specific post and team works

What is included?

Trusts will arrange an appropriate shadowing programme according to their local situation but it will normally include:

  • An introduction including signing contracts, housekeeping arrangements, etc.
  • A copy of the Shadowing Week Checklist and an introduction to the Foundation E-Learning Portfolio
  • Some small group discussion on relevant topics, for example; hopes and fears, stress, etc.
  • The ALERT Course (or equivalent). This is a one-day course about the recognition and management of the acutely ill patient
  • The equivalent of approximately two days ward work attached to an F1 or F2 doctor. Ideally this will be with the doctor whose post you are about to take over, but if this is not possible then it will be with another doctor working in the same department


Southampton Students with an F1 Post Outside Wessex 

An Infection control supervisor shows a nurse the proper technique for cleaning a hospital bed.Southampton School of Medicine has in the past required students to shadow as part of their course, but because the timing is after graduation this cannot be imposed. In practice, any Southampton student taking up an F1 post outside Wessex has joined in a local shadowing arrangement if possible. There is now the expectation that Southampton students will do pre-employment shadowing whether they are going to be working in Wessex or elsewhere. Wessex Foundation School requests students in this situation to contact the Trust in which they have been placed to find out what arrangements (if any) are being made for shadowing.

Shadowing as Part of the Undergraduate Curriculum for Non-Southampton final Year Students

Please note that Wessex Foundation School is unable to assist with shadowing arrangements that are undergraduate curriculum requirements for other medical schools.

If you need to arrange an undergraduate shadowing placement, please liaise with your allocated Trust to find out if this is possible, and to make arrangements.

All applicants allocated to Wessex will need to attend the Wessex shadowing week at their employing trust. This includes applicants who have already completed an undergraduate shadowing placement.
More information?
- Your employing Trust will send you full details of its shadowing programme nearer the time. Please direct local enquiries to their Foundation Programme Co-ordinator or the Medical Personnel Manager.

Enquiries? - Email  and a member of the Wessex Foundation School will contact you.

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