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Special Circumstances

Pre-allocation to a Foundation School (F1)

There are a small number of students entering their first year of foundation training who need extra support in ensuring that the geographical location of their training programme is manageable with existing care commitments for their children, or others dependent on them, as well as their own personal support needs. These students may be eligible to apply for pre-allocation to a foundation school on the grounds of their special circumstances.

Application Process

The Special Circumstances application process for pre-allocation to a foundation school is a national process. The national guidance and application form can be downloaded from the UKFPO website. The process is managed locally by medical schools and the foundation school.

Medical students are required to submit their special circumstances application form, along with all supporting documentation, to their medical school by the national deadline (please refer to the national applicant handbook and timeline for full details). Applicants should check with their medical school to which address the form and documentation should be sent. 


Pre-allocation to a Trust for the F2 year

A small number of F1 doctors have significant special circumstances and as a consequence it is desirable to allocate them F2 training within a specific geographic location where possible. Such doctors, provided they meet one of the following nationally agreed criteria, will be allocated to an appropriate F2 programme within Wessex Foundation School.

Application Process

  • F1  doctors who have reasons for applying for allocation to a specific geographic location for their F2 year should discuss the matter with their Educational Supervisor or Foundation Programme Director in the first instance. The purpose of this discussion would be to help potential applicants be realistic and clarify for them exactly what the Foundation School would expect to see in the submitted documentation, in order to be able to make an informed decision. Applicants should refer to the Foundation School Special Circumstances for F2 guidance document (see link below).

  • If the F1 doctor believes they meet one of the Special Circumstances criteria, they should complete a Special Circumstances application form. (Please email the Foundation School team who will send you the latest version of the national application form:

  • Special Circumstances for F2 guidance document (pdf)

  • Applicants should note, that even if their application is approved, pre-allocation to a particular Trust is only possible if a vacancy exists within that Trust.

  • Applicants must submit their application form, together with the necessary supporting documentation as set out in the guidance, by post to: Wessex Foundation School, Southern House, Otterbourne, Winchester, SO21 2RU.



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