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Recruitment to 2 year Foundation Programmes  - August 2014

Phase 2: Ranking of Programme Preferences

Within Phase 2 of the recruitment process, applicants allocated to the Wessex Foundation School will rank online all programmes offered by Wessex Trusts.

On the 10 March 2014 applicants who are on the primary list will be informed of their SJT score and allocation to a Foundation School.

In Wessex, ranking of all programmes will then take place between 10 March - 2 April 2014 (12 noon).

The deadline for ranking all programmes online the Foundation Programme Application System ( FPAS ) in order of preference is Wednesday 2 April 2014 (12 noon).

Applicants will be automatically matched to programmes according to score and applicant preference. This is a simple match in score order and will place applicants in a Trust/programme according to their ranked preferences. You will therefore be matched in score order, gaining a place in a Trust/programme before applicants who scored lower than you. Where two or more applicants have the same score, auto-match will use random selection to decide which applicant to take first.

You will receive notification of your Trust/programme allocation via email on 8 April 2014.

Appointment to a post is dependent upon the applicant successfully completing medical school (passing finals) and is subject to pre-employment checks and references.


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