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Wessex Foundation Programme Recruitment

Recruitment to two year Foundation Programmes

Recruitment to two year foundation programmes in the UK is a national online process. Details of the application process are available on the UK Foundation Programme (UKFPO) website at:

2020 Recruitment

The following information and guidance can be downloaded from the UKFPO website.

  • FP 2020 Applicants Handbook
  • FP 2020 Person Specification
  • FP 2020 Eligibility Information
  • FP 2020 Special Circumstances guidance & application form
  • Tier 4 visa information

  • It is important that all applicants to the 2020 foundation programme read the information provided in the UKFPO FP/AFP 2020 applicant handbook which is available to download from the UKFPO website.


  • Applicants should be aware that all advertised programmes and posts are subject to change. Whilst the information provided is accurate at the time of publishing, Trusts may need to make changes to advertised posts or programmes, due to service reconfiguration and national requirements.
  • Applicants to the Wessex Foundation School need to be aware that once they are allocated to a two year programme they are fixed in that programme. There is no option to swap trusts / hospitals during their foundation training.  
  • A list of fixed two year programmes at each trust can be downloaded from our two year programmes page.
  • Bar charts of applicant scores and competition ratios from past years can be viewed on our Recruitment Stats & Facts page.

Reserve List Applicants

Wessex Foundation School will not be holding interviews for reserve list applicants who are allocated to vacancies. Applicants who are allocated to Wessex will be matched to vacant posts by score and preference.

  • Applicants will be asked to rank vacancies as they occur in each batch allocation. 
  • The Foundation School will then match applicants to their preferences based on score order.
  • Where two or more applicants have the same score, a random allocation will take place.

Applying to the 2020 Foundation Programme

Important Dates:         

  • 24 June - 07 August 2019: National eligibility checking period.

  • 23 September 2019: Applicants can register on Oriel and view programmes.

  • 30 September - 11 October 2019: Applicants complete the online application form

  • 16 December 2020 - Wessex Academic Foundation Programme interviews (1st date)
  • 18 December 2020 - Wessex Academic Foundation Programme interviews (2nd date)

  • 12 March 2020: Application results available - applicants are informed of their allocation to a Foundation School.

  • 132March - 31 March 2020 (12.00 Noon)  - Applicants allocated to Wessex rank online programmes in order of preference (Phase 2).

  • 27 March 2020 - Wessex Foundation School Welcome Event, Novotel, Southampton 

  • 31 March 2020 (12.00 Noon) - deadline for applicants allocated to Wessex to have ranked all programmes in order of preference on Oriel

  • 09 April 2020:  Applicants are informed of allocated programme (F1 and F2 rotations and employing Trust(s).


  • In phase 1 of the online recruitment process applicants are allocated to a Foundation School.

  • In phase 2 of the recruitment process, applicants allocated to Wessex Foundation School will be asked to rank all available programmes online. Information can be found on the phase 2  webpage.

  • Interviews - We will not be holding interviews as part of the matching process. .

  • Linked Applications - You may link your application to the application of another person in order to be allocated to the same Foundation School. This guarantees that you will be allocated to Wessex Foundation School, but not the same Trust. Your application will no longer link to match to training programmes in Wessex Trusts.

  • The F2 Year - Trainees are guaranteed a fixed 2-year programme in Wessex with the majority of trainees remaining in the same trust for F2. Some F1 programmes are linked to another named trust for F2. Please refer to the two year programmes page.


  • The UKFPO website contains guidance on national processes such as Special Circumstances, Transfer of Information and Inter- Foundation School Transfers. Application forms and guidance can be downloaded from the UKFPO website.

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