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Less Than Full Time Training

Trainees wishing to train less than full time should consult the relevant Health Education England – Wessex guidance on LTFT  and complete the application form.  These documents can be found under the Guidance and Resources area of this website.

Applications should be submitted to

Your application will firstly need to meet the criteria to be eligible to train on a less than full time basis. The next step is to secure funding for the LTFT post. The Foundation School Manager will look at the options available to you; this could be a slot-share arrangement, training at less than full time in a full time post or a supernumerary placement.

Once funding is in place, you will be able to liaise with your trust to arrange a suitable training programme and contract of employment. The Trust Foundation Programme Director will need to approve your LTFT programme to ensure that you meet the competences as laid out in the Foundation Programme Curriculum.

Orange BracketPlease note that Tier four sponsored doctors are not permitted to work less than full time;
this is a condition of the UK Border Agency.

Maternity Leave

We ask trainees due to take maternity leave to complete a maternity leave questionnaire. This enables us to plan for your return to training.

Please access the maternity leave questionnaire here (Word)

Completed maternity leave questionnaires should be returned to the Foundation School Manager via email or posted to the Wessex Foundation School.

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