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F2 Swap Policy

We recognise that a Foundation doctor’s personal circumstances or career ambitions may change after their initial Foundation Programme application. We are therefore happy to facilitate swaps of the allocated FY2 year, where possible, according to the following policy. Please note that to be fair to all we have a strict timeline and late applications will not be considered.

Key points

a) For your application to be considered, trainees must be (in the opinion of your Foundation Programme Training Director) on track to successfully complete your FY1 year.

b) It is only possible to swap FY2 posts and you must formally apply for a swap during the application window in your FY1 year. Private swaps and swaps arranged outside of the application window are not permitted.

c) You can only swap a whole FY2 year rotation (including with a trainee on the same rotation as you – so that you can alter the order of your allocated posts); NOT one or two 4-month posts.

d) All swaps must lead to the whole of your FY2 year still being in the same employing trust – if you are moving trusts between FY1 & FY2, you can only swap your FY2 rotation with colleagues at your FY2 trust (e.g. if a doctor is at Dorchester for FY1, Poole for FY2 – they can only swap rotations with doctors at Poole; this is not a way of changing your allocated trust)

e) We consider balanced 2-year programmes to have the following elements:

- You must complete a community placement. For example GP, Psychiatry or Public Health

- You must not repeat a specialty, except for medical specialties or surgical specialties, across the FY1 and FY2 years. For example you cannot do Paediatrics in both FY1 & in FY2

- You should not repeat the same medical or surgical sub-specialty across FY1 and FY2. For example you could do posts in Cardiology and Elderly Care, but not two Cardiology posts

f) Swaps between Foundation Schools are not possible via this process. A separate Inter-Foundation School Transfer (IFST) process governs moves between schools. Details of this process can be found on the UKFPO website:

g) You cannot swap into or out of the Academic Foundation Programme

h) Swaps into a vacant rotation at your trust are allowed if they meet the above criteria for ensuring a balanced Foundation Programme. You can only apply to swap into one vacant programme.

i) In the event of two or more doctors requesting to swap into the same vacant post the SJT/EPM scores generated as part of the FP application process will be used for ranking.

j) All applications will be considered by a panel at your employing Trust, which will ensure that the swap does not disadvantage any Foundation doctor or result in an unbalanced rotation.

k) Trainees who have been appointed to a stand-alone FY1 programme (and not to a 2-year programme) cannot take part in the swap process because they have not been guaranteed an FY2 rotation.

l) Trainees who are out of programme (e.g. Time Out ) or training out of sync will be unable to take part in the swap process because they are unlikely to still be allocated to their original F2 rotation for the training year which begins in August. These doctors will be slotted back into programme on their return to training, and FPTDs will need to take their individual training needs and circumstances into account to ensure they have a suitable FY2 programme to return to.

m) Military trainees are unable to take part in the swap process because their training programmes are managed separately by the Defence Deanery and not by the Wessex Foundation School (HEE).


Application process

  • The swap policy, timeline and application form will be circulated to FY1 doctors between November and December.
  • FY1 doctors should complete the swap application form and submit it to their local Foundation Programme Training Director or Foundation Programme Administrator by the published deadline in January.
  • All application forms MUST be signed (either physically or electronically) by both parties to the swap
  • Each employing Trust will form a panel who will meet and consider all applications
  • FY1 doctors will be informed of the outcome of their swap application by the published deadline in February. This will be via an email from their local FPTD or FP Administrator
  • All successful swaps should be confirmed via email to the Foundation School team in February.


Exceptional circumstances

Applications outside the policy will only be considered in cases where exceptional circumstances can be demonstrated. This does not include personal or lifestyle choices and is usually limited to health related issues. Formal occupational health advice is taken into consideration by the Head of Wessex Foundation School before making any changes to allocations on a case by case basis.

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