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The F2 General Practice Handbook 

The F2 General Practice Handbook was last updated August 2011. Below we have included an overview of the subjects covered in the handbook.  

  • Foundation Programme Curriculum and Competence.
  • The Assessment Tools.
  • The F2 Doctor in Practice - Induction and Working Week.
  • Frequently Asked Questions.
  • The Role of a Supervisor of F2 Doctors and Clinical Supervisor and Educational Supervisor in GP.
  • Core Competences for the Foundation Years.
  • Suggested Tutorial Topics.
  • Job Description for F2 Doctors in General Practice.
  • Key Contacts during the F2 Programme.
  • Home Visiting Guidance.
  • Prescribing in General Practice.

Practice Managers can download the honourary education contract and Practice Managers F2 checklist on the links noted below:

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