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General Practice (GP) in Foundation Year 2 (F2) Resources 


Resources for F2 doctors

Foundation Programme in GP Trainee Handbook (pdf)- useful information regarding your placement.

Web based resources for GP in F2 - useful website resources for community placement.

Ten Common GP Consultations (Word) - eLearning and resources for ten common presentations in GP.

Educational Agreement between Clinical (GP) Supervisor and FY2 (Word) - document setting out the educational aims and objectives of a FY2 placement in GP. To be signed by the FY2 doctor and their clinical supervisor.

Honorary Educational Contract (Word) - to be signed by FY2 doctor and clinical supervisor.


Resources for GP Supervisors/ Practice Managers

Foundation Programme in GP Clinical Supervisor and Practice Manager Handbook (pdf)- useful information regarding a trainee's placement.

Practice Managers F2 Checklist (pdf) - useful prompt for preparation and hosting a FY2 trainee (including invoicing).

Agreement between FY2 Trainer and Wessex Foundation School (Word) - Service Level Agreement between the FY2 trainer and the PGMDE local team to be signed when they are formally approved or re-approved by the GP Specialty Training Committee. The HEE local team will ask the FY2 trainer to sign the agreement when they send formal notification of their approval or re-approval.

Course Notes for GP Foundation Supervisors (pdf) - course notes for prospective Foundation Clinical Supervisors Course.

The Application Form and Criteria for becoming a GP F2 Supervisor can be found on the School of General Practice web page.


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