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The F2 in General Practice

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A GP placement in F2 introduces the doctor to General Practice and to a range of skills that are transferable to a career in any speciality. General Practice enhances generic and clinical skills for any future career.


Aims of GP Placement

General Practice (GP) placements in the Foundation Programme provide F2 trainees with:

  1. An enhanced understanding and ability to operate across the the primary / secondary care interface efficiently
  2. An appreciation of the roles of each agency in the extended primary care team and how they all fit together to provide an integrated service to patients
  3. An understanding of the implications of illness for the individual, the family, the community and the employer
  4. The development of personal life-long learning skills



Currently 55% of our F2 trainees have the opportunity to experience a placement in General Practice. We aim to increase this percentage to 70% in the coming years.



Your trust will liaise with the local GP patch office to allocate you to a GP practice. The Wessex School of GP approves all practices taking F2 trainees as suitable for training.


Please see our locality GP Training contact page for further information.


Please see F2 in GP Resources page for a handbook for both FY2 in GP for trainees and GP Clinical Supervisors/Practice Managers for further detailed information.


Wessex PGMDE Foundation School Contact

For allocation queries or further information please e-mail


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