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F2 Abroad

F2 Abroad in Australia / Changes to the Australian immigration laws: 

The Foundation School has been notified that it will unfortunately no longer be possible for Foundation doctors to undertake their F2 training in Australia (if they require a work visa).  This is due to new Australian immigration laws which begin soon. The new Temporary Skilled Shortage visa (TSS) will be replacing the current work visa (457) in March 2018.  Under the new TSS visa, overseas candidates must supply evidence of two years employment experience to be nominated under this visa category.  Foundation Year 2 candidates are not eligible for nomination under the TSS (having only completed one year of work as an F1) and therefore will not be in a position to accept employment in Australia at this point in their career. 

Individuals who hold Australian citizenship are advised to contact prospective employers or the Australian authorities to discuss this further if required.


The Wessex Foundation School can only approve F2 equivalent training programmes in New Zealand, South Africa (and Australia for trainees who hold the right to work there).

Trainees who have completed their F1 year in Wessex and wish to undertake their F2 year abroad need to submit an application for "F2 Abroad" and apply for prospective approval of the F2 equivalent posts. Further information about this process can be found in our F2 Abroad Guidance document.

Applications for F2 abroad need to be submitted to the Wessex Foundation School by the published deadline. This date will be circulated to F1 trainees.

The Wessex Foundation School has imposed a limit of eight on the number of trainees (each year) who can be granted prospective approval of their F2 programme abroad.

Applications will be reviewed by the Head of Wessex Foundation School, along with the Foundation Programme Manger.

The Application Process:

  • F2 Abroad Guidance (pdf)

  • F2 Abroad Application Pack (pdf) - The application pack for F2 abroad consists of two sections for completion: Part A and Part B.

  • Applicants should initially complete and submit the four documents in Part A of the application pack by the deadline listed on our timeline
  • Applicants who are approved for F2 abroad will then be required to submit further documentation in Part B in order to gain prospective approval of their F2 equivalent posts. Please also refer to the timeline for the Part B deadline. 


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