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F2 Abroad

Notes on Application Process

When is the deadline for applications for F2 abroad?
Applications for F2 abroad need to be submitted to the Wessex Foundation School at least 6 months ahead of the start of the F2 posts. Our local deadline is at the end of January each year. 

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The application form – Part A & Part B:
Applicants should initially complete and submit the four documents from “Part A” of the application pack by the January deadline listed in the timeline.

Applicants who are approved for F2 abroad will then be required to submit further documentation in“Part B” in order to gain prospective approval of their F2 equivalent posts. 

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How does the application process work?
Wessex Foundation School has imposed a limit of 8 on the number of trainees (each year) who can be granted prospective approval of their F2 programme abroad.

The proposed training programme must be prospectively agreed by the Head of Wessex Foundation School, along with the Foundation Programme Manager prior to the trainee taking up the placement, and must represent a balanced programme.  

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Can I reserve my allocated F2 posts in case my application for F2 abroad is unsuccessful? 
No you will not be able to reserve your allocated F2 posts. The Wessex Foundation School are required to know by early May whether or not your F2 abroad programme is going ahead and if your employer will need to recruit to your allocated programme. 

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Can the Foundation School help me find a job or suggest hospitals abroad?
The Foundation School is unable to help trainees with their job search. Trainees are required to source their own F2 equivalent programme and once they have found suitable posts they must submit details of these to the Wessex Foundation School in order to gain prospective approval of the posts. A list of hospitals that Wessex F2 doctors have worked at in the past can be found below:

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What should I do if the overseas hospital cannot confirm all of my posts (i.e. the entire F2 rotation /programme) before I start in post?
Some hospitals overseas do not allocate the entire years rotation at the beginning of the term. Therefore, some applicants will be unable to confirm to Wessex the rotation they have been allocated before they leave the UK to embark on their F2 year abroad. 

Wessex is only able to provide “prospective approval” of F2 posts abroad. Therefore, approval of the F2 programme abroad will be provisional until the full rotation is known.

The trainee will need to send Wessex Foundation School details of all posts once these are known. Full approval of the allocated rotation will then be granted if the Head of Wessex Foundation School is satisfied with the posts. 

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Retrospective approval of training posts
Retrospective approval of F2 equivalent training posts will not be granted. A trainee who begins F2 equivalent posts abroad without completing the application process and without notifying us of the intention to do F2 abroad, will not have their training approved.

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Where have F2 doctors from Wessex worked in the past?

Wessex Foundation School has approved F2 programmes at the following hospitals over the last few years:


  • Gosford Hospital, NSW
  • Launceston General Hospital, Tasmania
  • Bendigo Hospital, Victoria
  • Maroondah Hospital, Victoria  
  • Lismore Base Hospital, Lismore, NSW   
  • Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane
  • Royal Perth Hospital, Perth
  • Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth
  • Westmead Hospital, Westmead, NSW.
  • Sale Hospital, Victoria
  • Eastern Health, Victoria

Please note: due to new immigration laws (effective from 1st March 2018), programmes are no longer available in Australia.

New Zealand:

  • Christchurch Hospital, Christchurch
  • North Shore Hospital & Waitakere Hospital, Auckland
  • Tauranga Hospital, Tauranga
  • Waikato Hospital, Hamilton
  • Wellington Regional Hospital, Welllington


South Africa:

  • Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town


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Points to consider when applying for F2 programmes abroad
When applying for F2 posts abroad, consider how the posts will compliment the posts you undertook in F1. The F2 posts you are allocated to should provide you with a broad spread of experience.

  • They should not be similar to the posts you did in F1.
  • If you did 8/12 or more of surgical specialties in your F1 year, avoid 8/12 or more of surgery in F2.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you complete a community-based placement (such as General Practice, Psychiatry, Public Health or Community Paediatrics) during your Foundation Programme (if you have not had a community based post in FY1, then approval will not be given under any circumstances unless a community-based post abroad is proposed)
  • Trainees are expected to arrange a rotation with a broad range of specialties (in particular, no more than two medical or two surgical specialties will be permitted over the two years of the Foundation Programme)
  • Take time to consider career options. The UKFPO has a webpage with useful resources  

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