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Completion of Foundation Year 1 Certificate of Completion

It is the responsibility of the Foundation School to produce the end of year competence document for trainees. F1 doctors who have successfully completed their F1 training year and have achieved an ARCP Outcome 1 will have a “Foundation Year 1 Certificate of Completion” (F1CC) document created for them. This document serves as an end of year certificate, and will be signed-off by the Foundation School Director, Postgraduate Dean or other authorised signatory.

  • If you are an F1 trainee in Wessex – the “Foundation Year 1 Certificate of Completion” document will be produced by the Wessex Foundation School team once we have received notification from your employing Trust that you have achieved an ARCP Outcome 1.  The form will be electronically signed by the Head of Wessex Foundation School on the eportfolio system.

  • Southampton graduates working as F1s outside of Wessex – An electronic copy of the completed "Foundation Year 1 Certificate of Completion" document will be sent directly to Wessex by your Foundation School before the national deadline in July.

  • If you are a non-Southampton graduate – the Foundation School will forward an electronic copy of your certificate to your home Medical/Foundation school by the national deadline in July so that they can process your full registration on GMC Connect.

  • A copy of the completed  "Foundation Year 1 Certificate of Completion" form will be retained on each trainee's eportfolio account for future reference and can be printed off by the trainee. An electronic copy will also be kept on file at the Foundation School. 

The Wessex Foundation School will not provide an F1 trainee with their “Foundation Year 1 Certificate of Completion” certificate until the following have been completed and submitted.

  • Form R  - complete and submit on ePortfolio
  •  Electronically sign ARCP Outcome form within 10 days of ARCP review

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