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F1 - F2 Matching

Entry into F2 August 2014

The process of matching current F1 trainees to F2 Trusts for August 2014 will begin in January 2014 and end in March 2014. In December 2013, F1 trainees will receive an email from the Foundation School reminding them of the matching process and their options for F2 .

The F1 - F2 Matching Process is valid for foundation trainees who are guaranteed a 2 year Foundation Programme. It does not apply to trainees who are in stand-alone F1 posts. 

For further information on the F1 - F2 Matching Process please refer to the F1 - F2 Matching Policy

Timeline - Dates & Deadlines

Please refer to the F1 - F2 Matching Timeline to view important dates and deadlines, including the application period for the following:  


Matching to F2 Rotations & Posts

The process of allocating F1 trainees to F2 rotations and posts is managed by the individual Trusts. Once the F1 - F2 Matching Process is complete, the Wessex Foundation School will inform Trusts of their pool of F2 trainees. Trusts will then carry out the process of matching to F2 rotations.

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