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Assessment in the Foundation Programme

Work-based Supervised Learning Events (SLEs) and feedback are fundamental aspects of the Foundation Programme.  

They provide a ‘snapshot’ of the foundation doctor’s competence within the work place at a specific point in time. Used together with other forms of assessment, such as portfolio review and reflective practice, they build a picture of evidence for each foundation doctor that documents progress, achievements and areas for development in knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The assessment tools used are incorporated into the ePortfolio, with guidance for both trainers and trainees.

We currently use the following tools:

  • Multi-source feedback or Team Assessment of Behaviour (TAB)
  • Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise (mini-CEX)
  • Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS)
  • Case-Based Discussion (CBD)
  • Developing the clinical teacher
  • ePortfolio
  • Core procedures
  • Clinical Supervisor end of placement report
  • Educational Supervisor end of placement report
  • Educational Supervisor's End of Year Report.      

The foundation doctor, with support of supervisor(s), is responsible for arranging SLEs and their documentation. Progression through the foundation programme should be reflected by an increased level of competence and expertise, along with taking on increasing responsibility. Satisfactory completion of the correct number of SLEs form an essential part of the criteria for F1 and F2 sign off. 

The UKFPO website provides national guidance and resources about assessment in the Foundation Programme. Please refer to this page on their website:

Guidance and Timeline (F1 and F2)

A timeline of the required assessments and reports and ARCP process can be found here. This is updated annually at the beginning of each training year. This can also be downloaded here as a pdf document



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