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Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)
in F1

An ARCP is a process that provides a formal and structured review of evidence to monitor a doctor’s progress throughout each stage of medical training.

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Your employing Trust will provide you with a minimum of six weeks notice of your ARCP review date and the deadline by which you need to have completed all the requirements for successful F1 sign-off. This includes having your eportfolio up to date, with all Clinical and Educational Supervisor reports submitted prior to your ARCP review. An ARCP panel of at least three members will review your eportfolio and other evidence on the ARCP review date and issue you with an ARCP outcome.

Wessex Foundation School ARCP requirements

Meet your Educational Supervisor to sign off your curriculum outcomes and complete the end of year report

  • You need to meet with your Educational Supervisor to electronically sign off all of the F1 curriculum outcomes. Your Educational Supervisor will also need to complete the Educational Supervisor End of Year report before the date of your ARCP review, which replaces the Educational Supervisor End of Placement Report for the last post.

  • It is your responsibility to contact your Educational Supervisor and remind them that they are required to sign off our outcomes and complete the ES report on your eportfolio. It is very important that the submitted report is available for the ARCP panel members to refer to as part of the review of eportfolio evidence.


Attainment of F1 Competence Certificate

  • F1 doctors who have met the requirements for satisfactory completion of F1 training year will receive an ARCP Outcome 1
  • Further details on the Attainment of F1 Competence


Further Guidance

 If you would like to read the full ARCP guidance please refer to the UKFPO ARCP Guide available on the UKFPO website. For further process information and full guidance please refer to the Foundation Programme Reference Guide (sections 10 and 11, Progression and Sign-off).



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