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Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)

In line with national UKFPO guidelines, F1 and F2 doctors are required to undergo an ARCP review on an annual basis and near the end of their training year and sign-off if these two dates do not coincide. The ARCP process provides a formal and structured review of evidence to monitor a doctor’s progress throughout each stage of medical training. 

The employing Trust will provide trainees with a minimum of six weeks notice of their ARCP review date and the deadline by which they need to have completed all the requirements for successful F1 or F2 sign-off. This includes making sure eportfolio is up to date, with all Clinical & Educational Supervisor reports submitted prior to the ARCP review. A panel of at least three members will review the eportfolio & other evidence on the review date and issue an ARCP outcome.

The Trust will notify trainees of the minimum requirements for satisfactory completion of the F1 or F2 year.  These can be found in the Foundation Programme Reference Guide (PDF) and the Foundation Programme Curriculum

Enhanced Form R

All F1 & F2 doctors are required to complete an Enhanced Form R. The Form R is a form that has been used by Specialty and GP training for quite a while. The form is essentially a self declaration by the trainee and involves submission of details of any significant events and complaints that the trainee has been involved with, and any health or probity concerns. The form also requires a list of past and present employment as a doctor.

All F1 and F2 doctors in Wessex Foundation School are required to complete the Form R on their eportfolio before the date of their ARCP review. It is important that the submitted Form R is available for the ARCP panel members to refer to as part of the review of eportfolio evidence.

ARCP Outcome

After reviewing the evidence, the panel will issue an ARCP outcome for each foundation doctor and the Foundation Programme Director (Chair) will sign and submit an ARCP outcome form on the eportfolio system. 

Following the ARCP review the Trust will inform the trainee of the ARCP outcome. The submitted ARCP outcome form will be available on the trainee's eportfolio to view. 

For further information regarding ARCP please refer to the UKFPO ARCP Guide or
the Foundation Programme Reference Guide (pdf)

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