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Medical Education Mentorship Programme

  • What is the Medical Education Mentorship Programme (MEMP)
  • Current mentors
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What is the Medical Education Mentorship Programme (MEMP)?

There is a general expectation and assumption that all trainees will to some extent engage in, and be involved with teaching and education. However, some trainees find their interest goes further than this. In the early years of training, it can be particularly difficult to find opportunities and direction for this interest both at local and regional levels.


The Medical Education Mentorship Programme has been set up by the HEE Wessex MEFs to advise and support such trainees. Mentees are paired with a MEF or MEA who provide a 1:1 mentored relationship allowing individually tailored guidance regarding educational portfolio development as needed by the individual trainee. This poster (Powerpoint) contains further details regarding the MEMP.


Becoming a MEMP mentee

The current MEMP lead is Dr Ashley Towers. If you are interested in becoming an MEMP mentee please download and fill in the application form (Word) and return electronically to who will forward your application to us.



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