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Health Education Wessex offers fantastic fellowship opportunities for trainee doctors. Many fellowships are multiprofessional so that you benefit from working with a wide range of people across the region.

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All fellowships encourage you to focus on a particular area of interest to develop your leadership, research and service improvement skills. Fellowships are highly prized and awarded on merit.



Medical Education Fellows

Medical Education Fellows (MEFs) are the champions of education and play a key role in the development of education across Wessex. The MEF programme is designed to grow the next generation of leaders of education.

Many MEFs complete a Certificate, Diploma or Masters in Medical Education. There are around 20 MEFs at any one time.

More information about our current Medical Education Fellows and how to apply for the role

Quality Improvement Fellows

Quality Improvement Fellowships enable you to improve patient care by undertaking a service improvement project. Through the project you will develop key skills in leaderhip, change management, patient safety, personal effectiveness and quality improvement.

Please find attached relevant documents for this year's application process
Advert (pdf)

Job Outline (pdf)

Application Form (Word)

More information about our Quality Improvement Fellowships

Clinical Simulation Fellows

Clinical Simulation Fellows support the planning and development of brand new educational simulation packages that can be used across the region.

Find out what past clinical simulation fellows across Wessex and Thames Valley have been up to

Find out more about clinical simulation in Wessex and how to apply for a fellowship.



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