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MEF Newsletters

MEF newsletters are produced to provide exciting updates on topics relevant to Medical Education in HEE Wessex.


Summer 2018 Newsletter: Research in Medical Education

The MEF Summer Newsletter (pdf) shines a light on research within medical education in Wessex. It showcases research work undertaken by the Medical Education Fellows (MEFs), and provides tips on academic writing courtesy of a workshop run by Dr Sam Scallen (Deputy Editor of ‘Education for Primary Care’, and MA Medical Education Programme lead at the University of Winchester).


Autumn 2017 Newsletter: Assessment and Examining

The MEF Autumn Newsletter (pdf) highlights the work undertaken by some of our MEFs, including Medical Student Assessment, Becoming an Examiner, A year in the life of a Medical Education Fellow on Secondment to Health Education Wessex, and an update on the Medical Education Mentorship Programme.


Winter 2016 Newsletter: Highlights of the Medical Education Conference and personal perspectives of Postgraduate Qualifications in Medical Education

The Winter Newsletter includes a review of our recent Medical Education Conference, as well as focus on Postgraduate Qualifications in Medical Education. See the MEF Winter Newsletter (pdf) for details of the courses available and some personal perpectives from the Wessex MEFs.


Summer 2015 Newsletter: Simulation Edition

The MEF Summer Newsletter (pdf) is a simulation special edition.  It highlights some of the fantastic work happening across the region and a personal perspective on becoming a simulation fellow.


Spring 2015: Publication of the first Medical Education Fellow Newsletter

The first Medical Education Fellow Newsletter (pdf) was published this month which includes a spotlight on the new Medical Education Specialty Fellowship and our 2014 Conference Podium Presentation winner.


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