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Previous Wessex Medical Education Fellows' (MEF)Conferences

The National conference seems to go from strength to strength every year. The details of our recent conferences including programmes and podium presentation winners can be found below.

Thirteenth Wessex National Medical Education Fellows' (MEF) Conference:

'The Inquisitive Educator'

Thursday 22 November 2018, Chilworth Manor

The 2018 conference explored inquisition from the perspective of the educator. There was updates on the latest hot topics in medical education, stimulating key note speakers and a choice of practical workshops. We were delighted to be supported by the Academy of Medical Educators (AoME). The AoME is the professional home for anyone who is actively involved in the education and training of medical, dental, and veterinary professionals including undergraduate, postgraduate, and continuing professional development. Further information is available from the Academy of Medical Educators (


Twelfth Wessex National Medical Education Conference: ‘Education in a changing world’

21 November 2017, Chilworth Manor

The 2017 conference explored adapting and integrating medical education for a changing world. Keynote speakers were Dr Peter Hockey, "Doctors in a changing world : Do we need to be different?", and Mr Ross Fisher, "Errors as Education".

The winner of the podium presentation was Dr Ahmad Elmansouri and the poster prize Dr Sammy Sharif.

Programme 2017 (pdf)


Eleventh Wessex National Medical Education Conference: ‘The everyday to the extraordinary’

23 November 2016, Chilworth Manor

The 2016 conference celebrated the breadth of opportunities for medical education, from everyday clinical encounters to National Strategic plans. Our keynote speakers this year included Professor Ian Curran and Dr Louise Dubras. Professor Ian Curran is the Assistant Director of Education and Standards at the General Medical Council where he leads the work in postgraduate medical education and training. Dr Louise Dubras has recently been appointed the Deputy Dean of Medical Education at the GKT School of Medical Education, having moved from the University of Southampton where she was the Director of Medical Degree (BM) Programme.

The winner of the podium presentations was Dr Kate Goyder for her presentation on Flash Mob Teaching.


Tenth Wessex National Medical Education Conference: ‘Past lessons, future innovations’

5 November 2015, Chilworth Manor

Conference Poster 2015 (pdf) | Programme 2015 (pdf)

2015 celebrated ten years of the acclaimed one day Medical Education Conference and provided a great opportunity to look back at the changes in medical education and forward to what the future holds.  The inspirational keynote speakers included Professor Tim Dornan and Dr Phil Hyde.  Following his triumphant keynote speach at the 2014 conference, Dr William McConnell returned for another theatrical masterpiece to close the presentations.  Workshops included 'The Professional Support Unit - an essential ingredient of PGME or an expensive luxury?', 'The Simbulance', 'Presentation Skills' and 'Encorporating Education into your Job Plan'.

The winner of the podium presentations was Mr Howard Tribe 'Can a sequential simulation of a stabbing scenario be used to create a lasting impact on teenagers about the topic of knife violence'.


Ninth Wessex National Medical Education Conference: 'Education versus Training: Contrast or Compromise?'

13 November 2014, Chilworth Manor

Conference Poster 2014 (pdf)Conference Programme 2014 (pdf)

The 2013 MEF hosted conference offered the opportunity to unpick the subtle, but important, differences between these two approaches to professional development.  There were two fantastic keynote speakers; Professor Grant and Dr William McConnell.  Workshops included 'The Shape of Training', 'Information Technology and Apps' and 'Simulation in Medical Education'. 

The winner of the podium presentations was Dr James Edelman 'Simulation Training in Acute Paediatrics'.


Eighth Wessex National Medical Education Conference Education: 'The Foundation for High Quality Care'

13 November 2013, Chilworth Manor

Conference Poster 2013 (jpg). Conference Programme 2013 (jpg)

The eighth national conference took inspiration from the national focus on ensuring that the NHS and all of its staff provide the very best and safest care possible. We truly believe that this can only be achieved by keeping education at the very heart of everything we do and safeguarding the time and enthusiasm we need to really do this effectively.  The workshops included 'Learning in the Clinical Setting', 'Developing an Educational Portfolio' and 'Technically Enhanced Learning', with keynote presentations from the Wessex-Ghana Stroke Partnership and Dr Allan Jolly.


Seventh Wessex National Medical Education Conference: 'Aspiring to Excellence'

8 November 2012, Chilworth Manor

Download Conference poster 2012 (pdf). Conference programme 2012 (Word).

In 2012 the conference is drew inspiration from the London 2012 Olympics and focused on how we can help our trainees achieve excellence and help ourselves become excellent teachers. It saw trainees from across the country, with a strong group of medical educators attending from the Oxford Deanery, this was reflected in the successful abstracts Abstract booklet (Word).

The winner of the podium presentations was Dr Charis Manganis 'A pilot peer-assessed virtual OSCE as exam preparation for final year medical students'.


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