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Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education


Dr Peter Hockey

As Postgraduate Dean in Wessex since December 2016 – despite a challenging 12 months with major reorganisation and internal cost reductions – I am extremely proud that colleagues have risen to the challenges of delivering medical education through new ways of working. The creativity, resilience and commitment of HEE staff and faculty has been crucial to enable trainees and educators to ensure great patient care. Despite financial challenges, we have been innovative and launched the MyDay survey into trainee wellbeing, and established a Centre for Workforce Wellbeing in partnership with the University of Southampton. I sincerely hope that the current GMC Regional Review recognises the great work that the Wessex community is delivering.

At our annual Medical Educators’ Forum in January 2018 we spent some time discussing national challenges and Wessex solutions, and explored how we might help prepare a medical workforce fit for the future. I am pleased to share with you some of the highlight ambitions and aspirations which came out of that meeting and which I believe are in accord with the NHS Constitution.

  • We are aiming for a seamless educational experience for trainees delivering both high quality educational outcomes and patient care.
  • We prepare doctors fit for the future who are flexible, able to embrace change, develop vision, lead transformation and embrace clinical & professional development.
  • We recognise that the acquisition of CCT will prepare doctors for independent practice but is not an end-point in education.
  • We will embed skills in CCT holders to enable them to adapt and change for the future NHS.
  • We will design programmes to deliver post-CCT skills required for the future by working with providers and commissioners, building this within Centres of Excellence and making these accessible to non-Wessex trainees (both medical and non-medical).
  • We will work with providers to create the best learning environments and culture for education. These will also need to be in new settings where the future delivery of care will be focused.
  • We will provide clarity and transparency around placements and align educational experiences to local systems and patient needs.
  • We commit to making public the innovations and developments which contribute to the delivery of these principles.


Following the HEE Comprehensive Spending Review process in 2016-17, the structure and responsibilities for Associate Deans were reviewed. The new Associate Dean portfolios were written to ensure all key areas of work to deliver high quality education have a nominated lead.


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