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Dr Paul Sadler

Wessex has had a long tradition going back more than 20 years of supporting the educator community – and while the venue and programme have changed, the principles of providing a forum for educators to discuss current issues and challenges remains relevant to this day. And 2019 was no different – we held a very successful two day forum which by all accounts was one of the best yet. We talked around the theme of ‘A New Kind of Doctor’ and were challenged about some of the difficult issues facing education today. As Dean, and my last as host for this Forum, I was delighted with the event. Colleagues were genuinely engaged and solution-focused having been challenged by a mix of local and national speakers. I am grateful to everyone who participated and wish this important Forum much success for the future.

I would like to take this opportunity to share some key messages which emerged from this meeting and which I believe will help shape the way Wessex will develop moving forward:

  • We will work to increase the flexibility that current and future doctors both need and want to enable them, to progress in their training, and deliver the health care required moving forwards.
  • We will learn from others nationally and internationally, within and beyond PGME to implement changes in educational approach which our current and future generations of trainees can engage with and benefit from.
  • We will work to understand the challenges for trainees created by current attitudes, structures and beliefs that are embedded in our educational culture, and support the system in Wessex to change to address identified issues.
  • We will challenge existing hierarchies to enable trainees to be listened to and to acquire the skills to embrace what we hear to support their career development.
  • We will embed in training the principles and skills of good team work and mutual support.
  • We will make clear to all involved in training that growth and development can occur even when we believe the worst has happened.
  • We will use a broader range of skills and techniques to understand and develop ourselves and future generations of doctors, recognising the value that diversity brings to our profession.
  • We must continue to have fun and enjoy the work we do.

I wish you and my successor all the best for the future. Go Wessex!


Associate Deans

Following the HEE Comprehensive Spending Review process in 2016-17, the structure and responsibilities for Associate Deans were reviewed. The new Associate Dean portfolios were written to ensure all key areas of work to deliver high quality education have a nominated lead.


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