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Leadership, Management and Personal Development

Learning to Lead Toolkit:

The Learning to Lead Toolkit is a tiered approach to developing clinical leaders in post graduate medical training. It was developed through collaboration between the Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy and the Professional Development Associate Deans from Health Education England (Thames Valley and Wessex).

The toolkit is designed around both trainee and the educational supervisor, incorporating it into personal development plans.

It can then be used year on year as the trainee progresses through the speciality programme, with the end result being a portfolio of activities and learning logs reflective of the trainee’s personal journey through management and leadership.

Leadership programme for doctors  

The new The Language of Leadership: finding your own voice programme was launched for doctors in training and new consultants (CT1/ST1 to CCT+2) across Wessex and Thames Valley, beginning in January 2019. The programme is being run in conjunction with Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy.

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Tomorrow's Teachers

The Tomorrow's Teachers and Tomorrow's Teachers II: The Art of Facilitation courses have been designed "for trainees, by trainees".


Multi-professional courses

The following leadership, management and personal development courses and opportunities are available to multi-professionals within Health Education England, Wessex:

The unique two-day multi-disciplinary Lead and Be Led course is designed to support healthcare professionals who want to learn more about the NHS and its accountability to Parliament, as well as develop their leadership and management skills.

Leadership Development Centre is an intense two-day multi-disciplinary course, designed to support the personal development of healthcare professionals and managers. It offers individual assessment of leadership and management skills, building on strengths and addressing any areas for further development. The course focuses on the individual, with delegates gaining a clear, personal insight into their performance in a variety of common and relevant non-clinical challenges.

The following multi-professional, interactive masterclasses provide a wealth of information and advice, and are delivered by highly experienced professionals:

  • Assuring Safer Care: Embracing Human Factors for Improvement 
  • Conflict Resolution and Challenging Conversations
  • Effective Negotiation Skills
  • Exam Up-skilling
  • Influencing Skills
  • Maximising Assertive Behaviour
  • Maximising Resilience/Stress Management
  • NHS Structure and reform - what it means to you!
  • Personal Impact
  • Presenting Skills
  • Psychological First Aid Training
  • Run up to the Consultant Interview
  • The Essentials of Effective Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Wessex Patient Safety First - Training Day (introduction to the Patient Safety First Programme)


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For further leadership training please also visit Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy

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