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Leadership and Management

Professional Programme

A picture of interior conference room.Lead and be Led is the first part of the Professional Programme (PP). It is a unique, multi-disciplinary, two-day residential course, designed to support healthcare professionals who want to learn more about the NHS and develop their leadership and management skills. The course is fun, interactive and uses realistic team exercises to examine different leadership styles.

The Leadership Development Centre is the penultimate course in the PP . It is an intense, multi-disciplinary, two-day residential course for healthcare professionals. It supports personal development, offering individual assessment of leadership and management skills, building on strengths and addressing any areas for further development. The course focuses on the individual, with delegates gaining a clear, personal insight into their performance in a variety of common and relevant non-clinical challenges.

A range of one-day Masterclasses supports the PP . These multi-professional, interactive events provide a wealth of information and advice, and are delivered by highly experienced professionals.

Leadership 2

Leadership 2 is a long-term, multi-professional programme which supports the development of leadership for health and social care professionals who have significant leadership and managerial responsibilities.

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