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Educator and Trainer Development

Educational Supervisor Development Programme (ESDP)

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ESDP is specifically designed to support Wessex Educational Supervisors in training junior doctors. The programme covers all specialities, with Consultants and Specialist Registrars being the usual participants. The courses are designed to be interactive, practical and enjoyable, whilst supporting and enhancing the role of the Educational Supervisor.


GP Trainer Development


GP Trainer Development courses are essential and compulsory courses for those who wish to become a GP trainer, an 'Out of Hours' Clinical Supervisor or a Foundation Supervisor.

Tomorrow's Teachers

Teaching and supervision are important skills of any doctor's career. These skills are particularly difficult to learn in the increasingly time pressured and demanding modern clinical environment.

Tomorrow's Teachers is a nationally acclaimed course developed 'by trainees for trainees' who wish to take up an educational role and educate. This one-day course is suited to trainees who have had previous teaching experience. Designed to enhance enthusiasm and confidence in an educational role, the course explores teaching dilemmas and delegates learn how to identify educational opportunities in day-to-day practice.

Tomorrow's Teachers II: The Art of Facilitation

Tomorrow's Teachers II: The Art of Facilitation follows on from Tomorrow’s Teachers. It increases understanding and explores key principles of facilitation, with particular reference to teaching in the workplace.

This one-day course is suited to trainees in the middle to later years of training who want to develop as educators. Through role-play and the discussion of aspects of adult learning theory, the course develops facilitation skills and highlights potential educational opportunities in day-to-day practice. Previous attendance at Tomorrow’s Teachers or a similar teaching course is essential.

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