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GP Trainer Development

GPs must attend compulsory courses before they can obtain the roles of GP trainer, 'Out of Hours' clinical supervisor or foundation supervisor.

The following courses have been tailor-made to provide GP trainers and supervisors with the skills to develop, supervise and train trainees throughout their clinical training and induction into surgeries: 

  • GP Clinical Supervisors - In-Practice (Retainer/F2) Course
  • GP Clinical Supervisors - In-Practice (Retainer/F2) Refresher Course
  • GP Clinical Supervisors - Out-of-Practice (out of hours) Course
  • GP Clinical Supervisors - Out-of-Practice (out of hours) Refresher Course
  • GP Trainers - Experienced Trainer Course
  • GP Trainers - Modular Course for Prospective GP Trainers
  • GP Trainers - New Trainer Course
  • GP Trainers - Practical ePortfolio Update (the good, the bad and the ugly) 
  • Out of Hours Training for GPST1 and GPST2
  • GP Trainers - Small Group Skills Masterclass
  • GP Trainers - Trainers of Trainees Needing Professional Support

Other courses:

GP trainers can also benefit from selected Leadership, Management and Personal Development courses.

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For further information or to book a place on an event please visit:

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