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SAS Doctors' Development Programme

SAS doctors in Wessex are supported in their development by SAS tutors within each Trust. An interesting programme of courses and workshops runs throughout the Wessex region to develop personal and professional skills. Courses are available within trusts or at external venues, and all are available to SAS doctors across Wessex. A number of courses are run with multi-disciplinary professionals from across the healthcare team.

Personal and Professional Development Courses

Regional courses are run throughout the year on topics such a CESR application, Job Planning, Mental Health and Communication.

Different courses are run in individual Trusts each year - examples of previous courses are:

  • communication
  • interviewing skills
  • managing stress and conflict
  • time management
  • mindfulness
  • resilience
  • impact of culture on learning and performance
  • leadership
  • critical appraisal
  • reflective writing for appraisal
  • GMC ‘Duties of a Doctor’ series

Please look on the Courses webpages, or contact your tutor for advice on courses.


Development Programme courses and Regional Days are advertised by SAS tutors.

SAS Quality Improvement

We have run 3 cohorts of one year fellowships to complete a small project or part of a larger project, learning all relevant methodology and science behind quality improvement. This year we are running 3 workshops at venues across the region to introduce Quality Improvement to our SAS doctors. Please visit the Wessex School of QI SAS page for information.

SAS Resilience Champions

This new series of workshops has been designed to train SAS doctors to support wellbeing of colleagues in their Trust. There are a series of 3 workshops, and participating SAS doctors have volunteered for the role.

These ‘Champions’ will be offered continued support and development.

Other courses:

SAS doctors can also benefit from attending selected Leadership, Management and Personal Development courses.


Tel: 01962 718502 (08:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday) or email:

For further information or to book a place on an event please visit:

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