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Medical Specialty and Revision

Health Education England (Wessex) offers a variety of medical specialty and revision courses.

The core specialty courses include study days and multiple-day courses, as well as regular teaching programmes. The programmes are for all Health Education England (Wessex) doctors, from foundation through to their CCT.

Revision courses are designed to prepare Health Education England (Wessex) doctors in training for the Royal College examinations.

Occasionally places are offered to external doctors, space permitting. 

Please click each course title for further information or to book:

  • Final FRCEM - Critical Appraisal Course
  • FRCA - Introduction to Obstetric Anaesthesia Management
  • FRCA Primary - Scientific Principles of Clinical Anaesthesia
  • FRCA Final - Intensive Revision Course
  • FRCA Final - Intensive Revision Course (VIVA Day)
  • MRCP - Part 2 (Written)
  • Quality Improvement Training for Emergency Medicine
  • Wessex MRCS Part A Revision
  • Wessex MRCS Part B Preparation Course  

Tel: 01962 718502 (08:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday) or email:

For further information or to book a place on an event please visit:

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