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The Language of Leadership: finding your own voice

A professional development programme designed for and by you

This NEW programme was launched in January 2019, for doctors in training (FY2+) across Wessex and Thames Valley, in conjunction with Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy. Trainee places are funded by the Wessex and Thames Valley study leave budgets, and other medical or dental professionals can attend as fee payers. 


Language of Leadership - Leadership Essentials

Participants begin the programme by attending the compulsory one-day introduction, Language of Leadership - Leadership Essentials. This day includes thinking about how communication shapes team culture, and the impact of the leader’s language and communication style on team performance. They will also think about how they would like to establish their own voice and their professional identity as a leader, so that they can communicate effectively with personal authority, authenticity, and impact.

By the end of the introductory day, participants will have designed their own personalised professional development programme, in line with GMC guidelines.

Participants will also receive a resource handout.


Follow-on modules

During the introductory Language of Leadership - Leadership Essentials day, participants will be asked to choose a minimum of four out of eight modules (across 2 to 3 years) to attend; to complete their personalised programme.

  • Module 1: Is it Just me? Working with Different Personality Type
  • Module 2: Playing to your Strengths
  • Module 3: Difficult Conversations and Challenging Situations
  • Module 4: Personal and Team Resilience
  • Module 5: Communicating with Assertiveness
  • Module 6: Giving and Receiving Feedback: Creating a No-Blame Culture
  • Module 7: Delegating without Abdicating
  • Module 8: Sustainable Change Management

To complete the programme you must attend one of the Leadership Essentials day and at least four modules.

Further information and how to book

All days will begin with registration from 09:30 (to start promptly at 10:00) and finish at 16:00

Click here to view the programme flyer


If you have any questions relating to the programme please contact via:

Tel: 01962 718502 (08:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday)


To book a place on an event please visit:


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