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   Health Education England, Wessex

   Southern House, Otterbourne, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 2RU

   If you cannot see the contact details you require, please contact HEE Wessex reception via:

   01962 718400


Dean                                                                                                              Email
Postgraduate Dean                         

Personal Assistant


Business Operational Team Contact Details
Head of Business and Education

Business and Education Manager

Educational Programme Team Manager

Business Support Officer


Recruitment Links

Phone: 01962 718424


General and Academic Recruitment  

Cardiothoracic Surgery Recruitment

Paediatric Cardiology Recruitment



Specialty Training Programmes Email  Phone


Emergency Medicine


General Practice

Medicine and Pathology

Obstetrics and Gynaecology


Public Health




01962 718431

01962 718431

01962 718442

01962 718447

01962 718448

01962 718434

01962 718431 

01962 718491

01962 718434

01962 718434

01962 718434


Accreditation and Revalidation Link

Phone: 01962 718413      

Revalidation Team 



Professional Support Unit

Professional Support Unit

Phone: 01962 718428


Study Leave

Study Leave  

Phone: 01962 718496


Supported Return to Training 

Supported Return to Training

Phone: 01962 718496

Quality Management

Quality Management Team

Phone: 01962 718595





Quality Improvement Link

Phone: 01962 718495

Wessex School of Quality Improvement   


Primary Care Contact Details

Nursing In General Practice

Phone: 01962 718441








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