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How to Contact Us

Health Education England, Wessex

Address: Southern House, Otterbourne, Winchester
Hampshire, SO21 2RU

Telephone: 01962 718400
Fax: 01962 718401

Details on how to get to Southern House

   Group Photo Staff HEW


Dean Phone/Email
Dr Peter Hockey, Postgraduate Dean
Carole Cox - PA


Associate Deans Phone/Email
Dr Denise Cope, Associate Dean for Educational Governance
Phone: 01962 718411

Dr Fleur Kitsell, Health Dean

Phone: 01962 718481

Dr Jane Hazlegrove, Associate Dean for Professional Support

Phone: 01962 718417

Dr Mike Masding, Head of Foundation School

Phone: 01962 718437

Dr Aileen Sced, Associate Dean for Faculty Development

Phone: 01962 718426

Dr Richard Weaver, Director of GP Education and Head of School

Phone: 01962 718446

Professor John Darby, Dental Dean

Phone: 01865 785513


Business Operational Team Phone/Email
Jo Stevens, Business Manager
Phone: 01962 718411
Sarah Case, Deputy Business Manager
Phone: 01962 718416


Fenella Williams, Education Programme Team Manager



Jemma Martell, Deputy Education Programme Team Manager

Phone: 01962 718447

Phone:01962 718448

Tiny Orange Bracket For Training Programme Directors and administrator contacts, visit the specialty school pages

Programme Managers Phone/Email Specialty Schools
Sue Ksous, Programme Manager

Phone: 01962 718434


School of Surgery
School of O&G

School of Radiology

School of Psychiatry


Anna Parsons, Programme Manager



Phone: 01962 718431

School of Anaesthesia

School of Emergency Medicine

School of Paediatrics

School of Medicine and Pathology

Ysabel Hensford, Programme Manager

Phone: 01962 718421


School of General Practice

School of Medicine and Pathology


Lucy Wyatt, Programme Officer

Phone: 01962 718565

School of Medicine and Pathology

School of Psychiatry


James Pillinger, Programme Officer
Phone: 01962 718432 


School of Medicine and Pathology

School of Surgery

Amelia Isaac, Programme Manager
Phone: 01962 718442


Foundation School

Em Rahman, Head of Public Health Workforce Development Programmes


Alison Barnes, Programme Manager
Phone: 01962 718490
Phone: 01962 718491

School of Public Health
Liz Imlah, Dental School Business Manager
Phone: 01865 785516
Dental School


Professional Development Unit Phone/Email
Jeff Avenall, Manager

Phone: 01962 718504

Angela Blyth, Support & Development Officer

Phone: 01962 718501

Bin Liu, Support & Development Coordinator

Phone: 01962 718566

Stephanie Tucker, Support & Development Coordinator
Phone: 01962 718497

Gemma Holmes, Support & Development Coordinator

Phone: 01962 718499

James O'Grady, Support & Development Administrator


Phone: 01962 718502


Recruitment Phone/Email
General and academic recruitment
Wessex leads of the following national recruitment:  
Cardiothoracic Surgery recruitment

Paediatric Cardiology recruitment
Phone the team 01962 718424


Revalidation Phone/Email
Revalidation Team
Wessex Appraisal Service
Phone: 01962 718574


Media/Communications Phone/Email
Communications Manager

Phone: 01962 718573



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