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Medical Education Training & Development Scheme 2015-2016

We are pleased to confirm the Medical Education Training & Development Scheme for 2015-2016 is now open for applications to support Doctors within Wessex Deanery wishing to undertake diplomas/degrees relevant to and that support medical education.

The funding is only available to Wessex based trainees, Consultants, GP s and SAS grade Doctors who are applying for courses/diplomas in medical education.

The amount of funding available will be dependent on the number of eligible applicants and unfortunately this may mean that we will not be able to support previous levels of funding, but we will look to make a contribution to successful applicants to undertake relevant courses.

For applicants who were successful last year and are looking to receive further funding support for the 2015-2016 academic year, please note you will need to resubmit an application form for consideration and should include a progress report.

Orange BracketTo apply for funding from the Health Education Wessex Medical Education Training Development Scheme for 2015-2016, please complete the Application form (Word) and return it to Vicky Whitlock via e-mail at
by 12 June 2015. Applications will not be accepted after this date.


Please note if you are a Wessex trainee you will need to submit a supporting letter form your Programme Director with your application form to be received before the closing date.

You will be advised of the outcome of your application by 10 July 2015.


If you have any queries about the Medical Education Training & Development Scheme please contact Vicky Whitlock via e-mail at 

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