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Learning more about Critical Appraisal


E-Learning resources

E-Learning package : This has been developed locally on behalf of NESC and will be available in the summer of 2009.

Other useful materials : This provides a link to other sources of useful information related to critical appraisal, mostly reading material,  that can be accessed through the web.



Local Courses : These are courses are available within the SHA.

Other courses in the South East : This is a database of public health courses in the South East, some of which will include a module on critical appraisal. Enter your query into the search box and it will identify and provide links to courses with modules on critical appraisal.


Sources of evidence of effectiveness

These are useful websites when looking for reviews that have already been done on evidence of effectiveness. They are not about learning how to critically appraise, but are sources of reliable evidence of effectiveness.



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