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Oxford Deanery

V10 Output template

The deanery requirements / outputs need to be collated in a structured format, as per below table.

Structured template for recording deanery outputs


Description of terms (in brief)




Who “owns” the document


The document may be iterative

Product purpose

What purpose does the product fulfil

Product composition

The detailed explanation for the output of the requirement.  This provides the precise output requirements and parameters from which Hicom can design a solution.

Product derivation

Further references which dictate or influence the product e.g. Gold Guide etc

Product format

The form the product will take.

Most outputs will be based within V10.

Responsibility for producing product

This will a list of those who are participating in the development work, including a named Hicom contact

Product quality criteria

Self explanatory, although some global quality measures will be defined

Product testing criteria

How the developed product is tested and to what standards


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