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Dr Paul Sadler


It is a great pleasure and privilege for me to have taken on the role of Postgraduate Dean for HEE Wessex. Having been a supervisor, tutor, programme director, head of school and associate dean in the past, this job for me is the pinnacle of my career in education. I am extremely fortunate to be joining a fabulous team running postgraduate education in Wessex in a way which constantly delivers good results and receives such positive feedback. I see my purpose in this role is to provide leadership to the team so we can continue to develop and provide the best educational experience we can to our doctors, nurses, and allied healthcare professional in training. To do this we need to hear how we are doing as an organization, and I am always happy to be approached and spoken or written to by trainees and trainers a like, whether it is to tell me about the good, or the things we need to improve on. I would remind all that we can only fix issues and improve training by being told when things are not ideal. Ideas on solutions are always appreciated and listened to.

I continue to practice as a consultant in Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia as I still love the clinical work. I am fortunate to say I have enjoyed every clinical and educational role I have undertaken to date, and that is mainly because of the people I work with, and the experience has not changed with becoming the Post Graduate Dean in Wessex.

Associate Deans

Following the HEE Comprehensive Spending Review process in 2016-17, the structure and responsibilities for Associate Deans were reviewed. The new Associate Dean portfolios were written to ensure all key areas of work to deliver high quality education have a nominated lead.


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